Saturday, 24 February 2007


Just been fiddling with the code that generates the page, although fiddling implies that I knew what I was doing whereas I was in fact copying and pasting stuff from one place to another!
The results are minimal; I've moved the counter that notes how many 'hits' the page gets from the bottom of the page to the right hand sidebar and I've added another type of counter there as well.

The new counter will eventually produce a map showing where my meagre viewers come from/log on.....not more 'Big Brother', just me being curious as to where you all come from- the bigger the eventual dots, the more people in that location.

As we're in a housekeeping mood, I've just noticed that the page views on the old blog are now at 967 and rising. In fact more people have viewed the old blog over at Yahoo since I moved to '' than have viewed the new one.....go figure eh! Still the old one will stay there for the foreseeable future and does update with the images on the photostream- don't forget that if you missed any of those posts, there's a link to them at the bottom of the page .

Final things, whilst in this 'tidying up' mood, here is the video of the drive in the mountains that I was unable to post on the day, nothing special, but it is simply here for what I believe is referred to as 'closure' these days.

I have also added a couple more images to the photostream, hope you enjoy.

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