Monday, 12 February 2007

Well I'll Be, It's pretty Good....

Who'd have believed it, bubble tea, pretty damn good.....once you get over the lumps!
We were taken out for an unusual lunch today by Charles from the LA Times, a fusion of Asian and French cuisine- terriaki crepes !? and bubble tea.

I'll be the first to admit that when I read about the tea a few weeks ago I was sure that it wouldn't be 'right', but how wrong I was, it was really good. Here's a video so you can see the tapioca balls in it:

After the tea and crepes, Charles then took us to a Chinese supermarket where we purchased all manner of odd stuff to try including Pork 'fluff' which resembles belly button fluff!!! I've no idea how it's made or why indeed but it does taste good.

We also bought some cans of drink, including

(sorry about the lack of focus, but it was the best I could do)
Which seems ok until you pour it into a glass and you get to see it!

It tastes of basil but sweet, has an after taste that is very 'earthy' but has the texture of frog's not right I tell you.
We've a few more to try yet, I'll let you know how we get on.

Tomorrow we have an interview arranged in Hollywood (my how glamorous the job is heh heh) which will be syndicated across the US at some stage in the future. Then in the evening we are being taken out to dinner by the Culinary Food Historians who we spoke for/to on Saturday.

Tuesday we've a talk at the Huntington and some research to do.

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