Friday, 9 February 2007

What A Difference A Day Makes...

or 12 hours on a plane and 5500 miles anyway!

Today started looking like this:

and has sort of finished looking like this:

There are a few new picture on the photo stream, see if you can spot where in the plane I was sitting?!
There's not much to say about the trip, unsurprisingly we had a bit of a delay while the plane was de-iced which meant that we took off about an hour late, but a good tailwind meant that we still arrived at about the same time we were originally scheduled to.

Picked up the car and managed to get through the sticky bit of LA without much trouble. Checked into the motel, picked up some shopping and are now sat watching Iron Chef on the food network while typing this.
Got to stop now as 1) I'm absolutely exhausted and need to have a kip and 2) Marc has just left with the ice bucket which can only mean a quick gin and tonic before kip time......hooray.

Of to the huntington library tomorrow to renew our readers tickets and have a quick look through the catalogue for some books to look at. More news as it happens.

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Helen said...

How many letters did you see? All I could see at first was a Pokemon character; then I saw an R, with a US immediately beside! As to what it is though, haven't a clue!