Sunday, 18 February 2007

Up Up And Away!

As it happens, what seemed like a setback at the library yesterday turned out to be a blessing in disguise. After I posted, things took a distinct turn for the good and the rest of the day turned into the most productive day imaginable!

Today was a true day off, no food stuff, no we decided to take a trip up into the mountains above Pasadena; here's the view from the Mount Wilson Observatory at just over 5500 feet:

We thought that was high, but the road continued till a little after this:

7018 feet, the highest I've ever been on land, which was pretty cool!

The road a bit further on was closed, apparently they shut it over the winter just in case- rockfalls, snow and so on; so we turned round and drove back into town, found some shops and I topped up on some presents for the family.

Tomorrow sees us flying home and back to all the paperwork that we left behind. To be honest though I'll be glad to get home to see my family, especially my very forgiving wife!

I was trying to post a video of the mountains, but the internet connection is a bit flaky, so I'm having no luck, maybe tmorrow before we leave.

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