Saturday, 10 February 2007

Which Way Is Up???

At least the jet lag at this end is a lot more manageable than it is when we get home! Here it just means we drink more coffee to stay awake through the late afternoon to get to the early evening, after that we're usually ok.

A few more photos added today, not many as we spent the day at the Huntington Library, renewing our readers tickets then doing a little research to ease ourselves in.

Tomorrow we're off into Los Angeles itself to give a talk for the Culinary Historians of Southern California at the LA Public Library, so tonight means running through the slides just to make sure we 're all set.

After that we'll probably watch a bit of TV..........not to worry though, they've got the Food Network available on the telly now so that'll be us set for the night eh!

Not sure if I'll get the chance to post tomorrow as we've been invited out for the evening to see some friends but hopefully will be able to on Sunday after work.
Yes we're working Sunday too- a meeting with the LA Times food writer and some bubble tea I believe?!

More as and when.

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