Friday, 2 February 2007

Comments, Questions And All That Stuff.

As Blogger works slightly differently to the old Yahoo blog I suppose I need to organise how I'll answer any questions.

If you post a question in the comments section, I shall usually reply in the same place, that seems to be the best way I think. The exceptions will be if the question starts me off on an idea/thought for a post- you never know, it might!

I also need to point out that I'll assume that all comments are to be made public, unless you say so when you write.


Ta Ta

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Helen said...

I might be the first!
Many of you will have been directed from the Yahoo blog, but for those who have found this blog by accident, good on you. Take a look at all the previous blogs and all the photos.
What these 10 guys do in the Hampton Court Palace Tudor Kitchens is unbelievable. They are passionate and totally committed to the project.
If you're in the vicinity of HCP over Easter (10 days from Good Friday) then you MUST go visit. Or try the first weekend of May, the May Bank Holidays, first weekend of June. They'll be there, cooking Tudor dishes which THEY get to eat later in the day.
You'll see them start each one from scratch thru to completion. I guarantee you might find you need to re-visit the Palace as you'll have spent so much time in the kitchens!
Then go home and try some of the recipes (there's quite a selection in the old yahoo blog).
The boys will help you out with translations and where you can source some of spices you might need. They'll answer any questions you might throw at them.
And if you're overseas and planning a visit to the UK, then you HAVE to plan your trip to coincide with a weekend when they are at the Palace.
I promise you, you will NOT regret going to see them in action. (And if you're good, Ross will let you turn the spit!)