Friday, 2 May 2008

Que Pasa?

So what's going on then eh!

Well, serious family health problems and a dodgy computer have kept me occupied since my last post, but safe to say that all the shopping is ordered for this weekend and we'll be all systems go for a great weekend of theory.

I'll let you know what we cooked as we go along and hopefully there'll be some good pictures as well, but as always, no promises until after the event.........lots of things to be trying this weekend like not grinding the cubebs up in beef y-stywyd and a few other ideas inspired by a project I worked on recently, but more of that overthe weekend.

What does the future hold? Well I'm afraid that posting will be a little intermittent for the next couple of weeks (WHAT!?! Say it's not so!). Lots of upheaval in my personal life as I'll be moving house after this weekend so quite a lot to concentrate on that isn't work (and probably no phone line for a bit either!). You can rest assured though that as soon as the move is sorted I'll be back to normal here, keeping you up to date with all that's going on with the cookery, research and so on.

See you on the weekend. TTFN

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