Sunday, 25 May 2008

Anzac Day

I don't know why but our visitors today seemed to be all from the was wall to wall Aussies and Kiwi's which was great as they're refreshingly blunt with their questions so I for one had a great day.
Unfortunately all the wonderful plans that we had yesterday for taking pictures and temperatures went out of the window and we didn't do any of that........curse the demon drink is what I say!?!

So what did we do then if we didn't do that? Well the table at 4.00 was laid with roast beef, poumes, coleys, buttyryd wortys, applade ryalle and dowcetts. It was over used as we ate but the description of 'superb' came up time and again and for the first meal in a long time it was truly deserved. The buttyryd worts were fantastic, it was very much the case of 'take it away from me' for most of the guys and as for the applade ryalle poor Adrian was left with just the scraping on the bottom of the dish...I suppose it could be seen as divine retribution for yesterdays custard!

Tomorrow is all sorted, thanks to Jorge talking about the vikings and Thor which reminded me to defrost the lobsters for the blamanger of fysshe, everything else is ready to go and I'll let you know what was what at a later date so until then I'll be signing off.

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