Sunday, 1 June 2008

Back In Action......

...technologically speaking! Hooray....I've got my Internet connection back so normal service can now be resumed.....well as normal as it gets anyway.

First off, last weekend.....what on odd mix of weather we had.......raining one minute sunny the next, not great for visitor numbers, but they still came, not as many on the Monday as the two previous day, but still enough to keep us occupied.....occupied enough that neither Robert or myself took any pictures worth showing you!?!

So saying, I did manage to take some in Base Court and create another rough and ready panoramic view for you to see (I seem to have botched taking enough pictures of the floor, so that's not included here) usual, just click on the image and drag around to see the whole courtyard.

In theory that will have been one of the last opportunities for us to take pictures of Base Court in that state.....i.e. with grass in it! As I type this there should now be a stage and seating in the courtyard ready for the annual music festival and when that's done and dusted work should begin on the 'Base Court re-presentation project'.....the main part of which should see the whole courtyard paved as it is believed it was in Henry VIII's time!!! Fingers crossed that it all goes ahead as planned......if so, we should be able to keep you all abreast of the situation with pictures of the work progressing.

Talking of work, the re-pointing of Anne Boleyn's Gateway is now finished along with the work on the astronomical clock.....and now that the scaffolding has been removed it can now all be seen in its full glory....sorry, all the pictures I took were a bit on the duff side, I'll try better next weekend when we'll be hard at it again....but doing what I hear you ask.
Well as the music festival will be in full swing (Saturday evening's soundtrack will be provided by Cleo Laine and John Dankworth.......Jazz....nice) we won't have any access to our normal washing up facilities, nor will we have any cold storage either so it all rather puts the mockers on doing much cookery. Current plans include some confectionery work......marchpane, boiled sugar and the like, possibly some comfit work but who can tell. We'll also be talking about cleaning within the kitchens maybe even a bit of rough and ready soap making and possibly a little bit of comparison and contrast with modern cleaning methods. Jorge and Robert will also be doing some work with pen, paper and (if they get the ingredients in time) making ink to do some writing.....probably talking about inventories and accounts as well as letting people have a go with writing as well. If plans change I'll let you all know, but otherwise I'll keep you all posted over the weekend as to what we actually did.......and hopefully this time with pictures as well.

Hopefully next post will include the video footage that Robert shot at the beginning of May....if I can get my finger out and edit it together that is!

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