Sunday, 29 June 2008

Silence Is Golden?

No, actually as far as you are all concerned.....silence is boring.......sorry!
Those of you that know me will appreciate that I don't do small talk and to be honest over the last week or so I've not had much to say work wise.

I'm currently up to my ears in research (No Mr H, that doesn't mean photocopying!) looking into the names of the staff 'below stairs' so to speak during Henry's reign as well as looking at some very interesting price lists of food stuffs from the period. I can't say that it's going to be stunningly ground breaking work, but I do believe that it will fundamentally alter how we look at the work that was done in the kitchens 500 years ago and will in turn alter how we interpret them in the future. Fingers crossed I'll be able to see how people move through the ranks, if at all and how long they serve for at their also should help with the work that we're doing on trying to tighten up finding out the numbers that the kitchens catered for a little more than 'between 600 and 100 twice a day!'
It also means loads of trips to the British library and the Public Records Office will be on the cards in the future.....I just have to learn not to get too sidetracked with other less relevant but just as interesting documents and lists!

This next weekends cookery has now been sorted out (I think.....just a couple of chats to have with the guys to confirm a couple of points then it'll all be ready to go).....the aim, as well as some data recording for roasting meat, is to run through a few recipes step by step and get some good photographic records of the techniques used so that we can illustrate some recipes extremely well.....the aim being to expand the number of recipes that we can use in lectures and talks etc.....the by product being that you all get to see some more images....something that I'm all to aware that there has been a dearth of recently.


Elise Fleming said...

More photos of techniques would be great - and even better would be additional videos. I've looked at "raising a tart case" multiple times. Showing how to add the top cover to a tart would be beneficial in subsequent videos. Techniques that you more-experienced historical cooks take for granted are puzzles and new for some of us. And, given the horrendous increase in the price of transatlantic air fares, it's harder to come visit!

Doc said...

I find information on food prices to be of immense value in understanding the cuisine of the time. I beg you (ohpleaseohpleaseohplease) to distribute any raw data you have on such as widely as possible.

That being said, I look forward to hearing what you've worked out, ground breaking or otherwise.