Sunday, 1 June 2008


Forgot to put in the last post the answer to Elises question....What are Dave and Adrian doing now that the fountain is finished?

Good question!!

As I'd mentioned when they finished the fountain, I'd rather that they didn't rush into any new project without thinking, so they've spent the last couple of weekends bimbling around trying to think of something to get on with.......In one respect, the massive damage that seems to have befallen St George and the fountain when some building work (possibly for the recent BBC filming) fell on them has given them something to work.......sticking the various loose bits back on and tidying up the parts hanging on by a thread.
I'm making it sound worse than it was (decapitated dragon, broken wing and wingless putti on the fountain.....and goodness only knows where his horn went!) and the repair work kept the guys occupied for most of the latter half of the weekend just gone.

Rest assured that as soon as we find something to keep them busy you'll all know about it.

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