Saturday, 7 June 2008

Lye, Damn Lye & Statistics!

What a surprisingly busy day that was, considering.....1600 ticket sales which isn't too bad for what is essentially a quiet weekend in June.

The lye worked relly well....great at de-greasing; especially my hands which now feel like the skin is too small for the contents and is making typing an interesting experience......hand cream will soon be my friend. Interestingly as soon as the water and ash were mixed together the pH value maxed out at alkalai as our indicator paper registers....a touch of heat to reduce the water content and 'stiffen' it up has left some excelent cleaning solution for use on aprons, chopping boards and table tops.

Carter and Pick had great success with their traditional cleaning methods, but considerably less using modern products......photographs when I can post them should make it much easier to explain so for now I'll leave that.

That's it for to have a few drinks now and rub in the hand cream.


Ross said...

Ummmmm it's nicer with Nivea as they say. Hope the weekend was a ball, wish I could've been there.HB Ross

Helen said...

Vaseline intensive care - the pink one. Does hands AND nails.


Anonymous said...

TC - ph tests on the gall liquid, ie just galll with water with no long term soaking showed the liquid to be 7

the ferrous sulphate about 2/3


that was with a later batch, we have 2 litres brewing in the kitchen, Scribe will be able to write memoirs for ever.

Anonymous said...

Shame hand cream wont have the same effect on your face.