Thursday, 5 June 2008

Finger Still In!!

No video edited yet I'm afraid....a combination of laziness, lack of time due to being up to my eyes in reading Tudor accounts and the fact that my PC is on the fritz as far as long term power intensive work is concerned have all combined to keep me away from editing Roberts videos from the other weekend......still, something to look forward to in the future eh!

Subtle change of plan for this weekend in that almonds were off as far as our supplier was no marchpane work.......which is a problem as it's pretty good at keeping people busy, all that blanching and schucking then the grinding......and all that before anything 'arty' has to be done! So instead it'll be more sugar boiling and possibly some of the sorts of recipes that our visitors can try at home.

All the rest of the plans seem to still be ok, fingers crossed things stay that way.

More news as it happens so to speak.

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Kiriel du Papillon said...

I always found butter churning to be a useful way to keep people busy for a while. It is what I give the most disruptive students in my medieval cooking classes to do while I talk, and it keeps them entertained for ages and then very impressed to see the outcome of their work.