Sunday, 4 May 2008

The Things You See!

I'm typing this and trying desperately to look at the screen and not look up.........Robin is having some new hose (leg wear) fitted by Adrian and it's not a pleasant sight....phrases like 'lift and separate' and 'get right up there' are being bandied about, so I'm using this posting to blank it all out........eugh, time for the mind bleach I think!?!

Once again, the balmy weather brought out the visitors and we had over 2500 ticket sales today......and I think we saw and spoke to most of them! As with yesterday, lots of interesting questions and conversations were had by all but in spite of that the day did seem to drag a little between 12.00 and 3.00. I think possibly because we were really on top of things with the cookery today and we had plenty of time to talk to people without worrying about things burning, sticking or generally going wrong.....which is somewhat of a luxury compared to normal.

The supper today was:
Roast beef
hennys in gauncelye
crustade lumbarde
a potage of roysonys
ffyletys en galentyne

With the beef today we spent a little more time in the preparation and removed as much of the connective tissue as possible which made for much better eating at the table.
The ffylets were a little experimental as although the recipe calls for roasted pork to be used I chose to use raw meat instead. Everyone said that there was a difference but they just couldn't put their finger on what that difference was! It could just have been the difference in the quantities of the ingredients from the last time that we cooked it, so this will certainly be on the menu for one of our more experimental weekends where we can try to cook two versions with accurately weighed quantities of ingredients to see if we can taste any reason why the recipe calls for the roasted meat instead of raw.

As with this time yesterday I'm not too sure that we'll be doing tomorrow.....roasted beef, a bake mete, perre, cryspes and apple mose are ringing bells but I think I'd better pop down to the office to make sure.



Doc said...

An odd bit of synchronicity: in the course of a thread on a medieval recreation mailing list, I came to the realization that the Middle English "gauncile" comes from the Middle French "jance ail" meaning something like "cooked sauce with garlic".

Of course I want pictures of everything ... except for Robin being fitted for new hose.

Elise Fleming said...

Now that the wax fountain appears to be completed, what are Adrian and Dave working on?