Thursday, 8 May 2008

You Are Always On My Mind

As I mentioned a few posts back I'm moving house....with all the chaos that involves so this is a brief missive before the final big push..........and as far as you lovely people are concerned, the last post before my phone line is cut off to transfer to the new could be up to 21 days before I get an Internet connection back, or at least one that will allow me to do more than post text.

Which is a shame really as over the course of last weekend Robert went mad with Robins camera and managed to take a load of video of all sorts of stuff. When I get the time I'll edit out the dross and post the footage up.....I'm afraid that you'll just have to bear with me though.

When I return (or possibly via mobile phone before) I should have news of the next couple of weekends cookery plans as well as pictures and video from the last.

Speak to you all soon.

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