Saturday, 24 May 2008

Hey Now My.....

Sometime work colleague is back! Yep that's right, Jorge is back in the fold to cover for Ross over the rest of the summer and autumn as he's off to do other things over the next few months. Quite surprisingly it was as if he'd never left and we all slotted back into the well oiled machine that we were when he was last with us.......late nights jawing about 'old times' and too much drink of an evening are what I expect the next few months will hold!!

It was quite a busy day today, lots of good weather bringing the visitors out in droves....I've no idea of numbers but it felt like a 1500 visitor kind of day. Lots of great questions too that kept usually busy and a nice change for Robin as he quite literally jumped out of the frying pan and into the fire, taking over as the spit turner for to days dish of chike endored.

Joining the chicken on the table were venyson in brot, autre vele en bokenade, perre, lyede milke, browne fryes and the ever popular wardons in syryp. With no Ross to fight for the custard Adrian was like a pig in clover with the lyede milke, virtually scraping the glaze off the bowl in our mess least it shows that the dish was successful I suppose.
No real surprises today and no real photography either....just a few of the newest member of the fire warding staff team learning to light a fire with a flint and steel for the first time....I'll post them up for you to see as soon as I get the chance along with any others that we manage to snatch over the rest of the weekend.

Tomorrow sees beef back on the spits so Robert and I think that we'll take some temperature readings in order to better plan how and what we need to do for that job over an experimental weekend....fingers crossed they should give us some useful data, watch this space to find out if it all worked or not. Other than the beef what are we up to tomorrow? As always, I'm not too sure so it'll be off for a chat with the guys in a while....over a pint finalize what we'll be doing when tomorrow dawns.


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Elise Fleming said...

So what are Adrian and Dave working on now that the wax fountain seems to be completed?