Wednesday, 21 May 2008

No News Is Good News?

So I've moved and now my life is all packed up in's quite worrying how much you hoard over the years and now I just have to find a place for it all.
Despite the succesful move though, I'm still not back online yet........could be another 2 weeks I'm told, so for now you'll have to make do with the sort of posting you get when I'm at work.....all words, no pictures and little finesse!

The cookery this weekend is all planned and ready to go....assuming that the charcoal that we ordered arrives in time. I'd love to tell you what we'll be cooking, but I'm afraid I've left all the details at the you'll just have to wait until the weekend when I'll post what we've cooked each evening.....suffice to say there'll be roasting, boiling and baking a plenty.......well enough to keep us busy anyway.

I've still got the videos from the last weekend to post and hopefully we'll have more images and video this weekend as well. Now that the house move is out of the way I can put more effort into getting stuff posted up for you to see.

The rest of the year is shaping up now......lots more data recording is on the cards for the weekends that aren't public holidays so fingers crossed I'll be able to bore you with some of the figures as the year progresses.
That's all for now and this brief update....much more to come over the weekend.

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Anonymous said...

50bags this arternoon. Me and the Man in Black stacked it all in stonestore.