Saturday, 3 May 2008

Swarming Like Pirates......

That's what they were doing today, swarming like pirates! A little bit of sunshine and some warm weather seems to have brought the visitors out of the woodwork today as we were packed to the rafters all day with loads (probably thousands I think) of interested and interesting visitors all asking loads of lovely questions.

Six dishes were cooked today:
Roast beef
beef y-stywyd
pety pernauntes
creme boiled

All went down well with the guys, even the different cut of meat that we used.......trimmed up and rolled then put onto the spit for roasting nice and slow.....lots of taste and flavour if a little harder work in picking through to get to the meaty bits. I took some pictures of it as did Robert so I'll post the pictures as soon as technology or time allow.

The beef y-stywyd was cooked slightly differently to normal.........we didn't grind up any of the still had a great taste, just could have done with a bit longer in the cooking so that the cubebs could fully soften and loose their bitter edge (and as Robin is pointing out to me in my left ear as I type.....too many cubebs in this time!)

Tomorrow is another day and there are lots of things still to sort out, so I'll leave you now and pop down to the office to work out what it is we'll be cooking!

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