Wednesday, 23 April 2008

A Bit On The Side...

Sorry for the lack of activity of late, but some major family stuff and power problems with the laptop amongst other things have conspired to keep me busy an not posting.......hence this flying visit too.

The planning for next weeks cookery is ongoing and as soon as I get the chance I'll let you know what we shall be doing.....just got to wait for an answer from the boss regarding some supplies before I can finalize that end of things......but given Doc and Elise's comments I'm pretty sure that the malmenye furne will rear its head over the three days.

Other research continues apace, although not the recipe stuff unfortunately as I've rather been distracted with looking through account lists from the period looking at foodstuffs and where they are coming from......and quite often, who is providing them......all really fascinating stuff but loads of work cross to get back to the recipes first I think!

As an aside this Sunday is 'Worldwide Pinhole Photography Day 2008' and Robert has been out practising.....using the Palace as the subject

Base Court by pinhole

Fountain Court by pinhole

I on the other hand will be leaving it all to chance and just snapping away on the day...not sure if it'll be at work, I doubt it though!
Pop over to the pinhole site and have a look at the gallery, in this modern age it's refreshing to see this style of image making still flourishing.......looking should also keep you occupied until I post again!

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