Sunday, 6 April 2008

Waking To A Winter Wonderland......

So much for yesterdays jibe at the weather forecast.......we woke this morning to white skies and falling snow leaving the Palace with a light dusting like this

snowy fountain court

As I said yesterday I've had to leave the guys at it today and I left to them debating whether they'd get any visitors today, well just after taking this

snowy tree

I turned round to see at least two coach loads of tourists struggling up the drive as well as sundry parka wearing people queuing for the ticket office, so hopefully the guys have been kept busy.
It'll be good to see what they got up to when I get back later on today.......hopefully it all went to plan and Robert got some pictures, but as I said my goodbyes it was looking a little fraught.......still they don't need me to tell them what to do, I passed on all the information they needed last night about what I'd ordered for what dish, they should be fine.

No roasting tomorrow and no meal either, but apart from that all the dishes should still be the same as the menu I posted the other day......with the exception of the vyaund de ciprys ryalle which I think we'll dispense with as it would need to be cooked today......with no meal there seems little point to doing it this week, we'll put int on the menu for next weekend though.

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