Friday, 11 April 2008

What's To Say?

Not much really! A fairly good day, a few niggles aside and much busier than last weekend despite the torrent of rain and hail that we had in the middle of the day.

Everything went to plan, even if it was a fairly loose plan and we cooked

Chike endored
Beef y-stywyd
Wardons in syryp
Lyede milk
Browne fryes

All of them turned out really well, especially the sweet dishes.......of which in my mess at least there was nothing left of them at the end of the meal (I'm surprised Adrian left the glaze on the bowl that had the lyede milk in!!)

Another picture light day again I'm afraid, with me only taking 5 I think, but this one is worth showing you

the colours man!

We're cooking the capoun in salome again tomorrow, so we thought we'd try starting the saunders colour off today to try and get a real red out of it. We (well Marc H) put a load into some almond oil and heated it up and the picture above is what we've got so far. I swear that there's been no effects added with Photoshop, the bowl is brown and the liquid is that shade of green!?! Dip something into it though and the dark peach colour shows up.....really weird. Still, we'll play around with it tomorrow and see how it comes of the dish to come I hope.

I'll post tomorrows menu when we finish, like today I think.......just to be on the safe side......better go and check what should have been de-frosted now!?!!?


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