Wednesday, 9 April 2008


Trying to get it all in during this short week, so a mixed bag of 29 pictures have now been sent to Flick. We ended up taking quite a few on the Sunday and Monday after the poor showing on Saturday, but lots of them are pretty tedious, just record keeping shots I suppose so I've chosen the best of the bunch for you to see, like these

just follow the link in the right hand column and go and have a look see......I'd like to be able to tell you all about Sunday, but as I'd suspected the cooking all went fine without me and there isn't much to tell. Marc H and Robin had a good success with the Capoun in Salome, even getting some colour out of the saunders.....which they felt was too pale so they 'pepped' it up a bit with some cochineal! Still, it looked like they ate it all, we'll try it again this weekend I think and try to get some more pictures of the processes not just the end results for you to see.

A couple of videos too for your delight, this first one is a quickie of Robin cooking some crispels on Monday

Monday was a bit hit and miss to be honest, with the function on upstairs that limited us with washing up facilities we tried to keep things simple, hence the crispels above!
Marc H cooked a Vyaund de Ciprys bastarde which was just plain odd.........I've frozen it down and we'll eat it for dinner this coming weekend but to be honest I think most of the guys won't find it to their taste, probably the sugar in it. I was going to cook the Malmenye furne until the sharper members of the team pointed out that we didn't have access to the ovens......doh! So after playing around with the alembic with Robert for a while, I made the chardewardon which was pretty good, and will also add to one of this weekends dinners.

The other video is of the finished wax fountain in all it's 'glory'. For reasons that I didn't quite understand it all suddenly 'had to be finished' this weekend, so Dave and Adrian resorted to modern oil paints to finish the job.....not sure why, but hey ho. It didn't get a chance to dry either before it's 'big moment' but it worked as you'll see if you watch this video. (sorry it's a bit blurry in places, can't be helped......idiot using the camera don't you know!)

Seems a pity to have spent all that time on it then to rush it at the last minute, but what's done is done now and it'll look good on display with the St George from last year I'm sure.

What's next for them to do is now the big question.......hopefully something that they can do justice to and something that they won't rush into....remember the old adage guys, measure twice cut once!

So what will we be doing this weekend.....pretty much the same as last weekend!! With the odd exception, perhaps a beef y-stywyd or a fyllets en galentyne here and there, maybe less autre vele en bokenade. Hopefully I'll be able to finalise things before I leave tomorrow and let you all know beforehand, if not then look out for updates as we go through the weekend.

We've been having a few problems with the 'technology' whilst away and that's why we've been back to text only postings when we're cooking, hopefully we can rectify that this weekend and keep you all fully briefed.



Grymm said...

We dint 'pep it up with coch' we ENHANCED it by adding a third colour to the yellow(saffron)and peachy pink(saunders). That's my excuse an' I'm sticking to it.

Marc H

Elise Fleming said...

Congrats on finishing the fountain! If you hadn't used modern oil paint, what would you have used? I had a bit of dismay when I heard on the video a comment about melting that "albatross" down, but the blog says that it will be stored with St. George.

Doc said...

Great pics - thanks!

The color of the "sauce" on the capon in salome is positively funky. That's not how I expected it to look (put pretty well matches the original recipe now that I re-read it). How did it taste?

Funny thing about the cryspels. When I offered some crusterolles that I'd made to an Indian co-worker a while back, he took one, tried a bite, and then exclaimed, "Pooris!" I'm repeadtedly surprised and amused at the parallels/connections between medieval English and modern Indian cuisine.

Tudor Cook said...

To answer the comments in order.

ok, ok when I said 'pep it up'I meant the dish, not the red colour....they actually made 3 coloured almond sauces, the redest one being cochineal, then a sort of peach colour which was the saunders....ok Grymm??

No, fear not Elise, it won't be melted down, but it has been somewhat of an albatross around Daves neck for the best part of the last year. Ideally, if they'd had more time I'd have liked to have seen them make some real period oil paint, but that wasn't to be it seems.

I can't comment on the taste as I was away that day, but we'll be trying it again tomorrow so I can report back then!