Sunday, 26 August 2007

Used And Abused!!

Is how we all feel at the moment. I've no idea how many people we had through today....but I'm sure that we spoke to absolutely every one of them......well at least it certainly feels that way, we're absolutely shattered.
I'm sure that since Easter we've had many more people who come with 'good' questions that demand long winded and intricate answers. That's not to say that some people ask poor questions, far from it, just that all the questions recently have taxed us with the answers that are needed (hopefully that makes sense?) All that thinking then really tires you out and combined with another gloriously warm summer day means that I'm typing this whilst desperately trying not to fall asleep at the keyboard.

The other problem with all the questions is that it keeps us really busy, so busy that once again neither Robert or myself took any pictures.....this is getting a bit silly really, so I'll do my best to rectify this tomorrow.......honest!!

Being so busy also almost took its toll on the menu today as well. Soupes of Salomere nearly didn't make it.

¶Soupes of Salomere.

¶Take boylid Porke, & hew yt an grynd it; þen take cowe Mylke, & Eyroun y-swonge, & Safroun, & mynce Percely bladys, & caste þer-to, & let boyle alle y-fere; & dresse vppe-on a cloþe, & kerue þer-of smal lechys, & do hem in a dysshe; þen take almaunde mylke & flowre of Rys, and Sugre an Safroun, & boyle it alle y-fere; þen caste þin lechys, & serue forth alle hote.

Robin was doing this recipe today and was so busy talking and answering questions that when the clock got to 3.15 he'd only just got to finishing the mincing part. Fortunately, some concerted effort lead to the dish making it to the table with all the rest and as it happens it turned out to be pretty good, a nice delicate pork flavour with a sweet sauce to go on top.

Without a shadow of a doubt, the fylettys en galentyne were the star dish on the table.

¶Fylettys en Galentyne.

¶Take fayre porke, þe fore quarter, an take of þe skyne; an put þe porke on a fayre spete, an rost it half y-now; þan take it of, an smyte it in fayre pecys, & caste it on a fayre potte; þan take oynonys, and schrede hem, an pele hem (an pyle hem nowt to smale), an frye in a panne of fayre grece; þan caste hem in þe potte to þe porke; þan take gode broth of moton or of beef, an caste þer-to, an þan caste þer-to pouder pepyr, canel, clowys, an macys, an let hem boyle wyl to-gederys; þan tak fayre brede, an vynegre, an stepe þe brede with þe same brothe, an strayne it on blode, with ale, or ellys sawnderys, and salt, an lat hym boyle y-now, an serue it forth.

So far, each time we've cooked it this recipe has turned out to be a winner......I can only recommend that you all try it yourselves.

Off now for some well deserved liquid refreshment!

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