Saturday, 4 August 2007

I've Created A Monster!

So summer arrived with a vengance and sweaty in the kitchen or what!

There hasn't been a thing that Robert hasn't weighed, timed or probed for its temperature today.....don't fret, I'm sure he'll let you know all the nitty gritty in due course you lucky people.

All in all a positve day with lots of good work done which I'll tell you all about in the week.


Anonymous said...

Just received the Royal Palaces adult education brochure.The one day course on 17th Nov.Clarifying the kitchen,looks interesting as does the cooks tour in April.Just one question,are you the food archaeology team mentioned,or will someone else be taking the course?Actually,make that two questions,did Jorge get his beef fix this weekend,or did he have to go cold turkey!?
love from your no.1 fan x

Tudor Cook said...

Yes, that will be us running those courses and no he didn't get his beef fix!

Helen said...

Are you hosting the history of chocolate session on Feb 7?
Will there be samples?

Tudor Cook said...

Yep, me again.....samples had been talked about but I wouldn't hold your breathe!!

To save you further enquiries as well - Christmas and Games and passtimes are us as well :)

Jorge said...

I got some, lovely stewed beef, but roast beef makes me eat loads of it.

I did eat lots of sausage though, Mr Pick's finest.

Helen said...

Hey Jorge - you forgot to mention the Tarte Owte of Lent made with the Somerset brie.