Friday, 3 August 2007

Ready For The Weekend?

Well as ready as we can ever be I think!

All the shopping has been ordered and I'm expecting delivery lunchtime tomorrow, the butcher should have delivered the meat before I get in to work although it's not going to be as much meat as usual. Ross won't be working this weekend so we're giving the spits a bit of a rest for a change, should allow us to concentrate on some of the other stuff I hope....I just have to break it to Jorge that he won't be getting his beef 'fix' until the end of the month (unless I can find some squirrelled away in the freezer)

Went shopping with Chris on Wednesday (the man with the budget!) and got all the stuff that it wasn't possible to order for delivery so we should be able to do everything that I've planned........not sure if we will though, but I'm sure that photographs of what we do make will wing their way onto the flikr site for you all to see.

Hopefully after tonight I can sort Robert out for some posting to give you a bit of this space eh!

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