Saturday, 25 August 2007

Feeling Hot Hot Hot!

Summer finally came to Hampton Court today....and with a vengeance!
The good weather combined with some really interested people who asked some great questions meant that we're all absolutely cream crackered this evening.

This posting is coming via a new technology test which should mean that we can upload pictures at the end of each day....providing that we actually took some pictures! Unfortunately neither Robert or myself actually took many/any pictures today we were just too busy. I did however manage to get some images of the astronomical clock dials which have been removed for study whilst the clock tower and archway are being consolidated/repaired.They are over at the Flickr account for you to see, but here's a little taster:

But back to the cookery. What's to report....nothing as it happens. As I suspected, everything went swimmingly and all the dishes went to the table that were supposed to. The food was hoovered up, much to my surprise all apart from the sturmeye which to be honest wasn't quite right and certainly wasn't 'right' for that menu, probably better suited to a menu with lighter flavours in it, but we live and learn eh!

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