Thursday, 30 August 2007

For What It's Worth....

I've just sent the images from this past weekend to Flickr for you to see......all 4 of them! Woo Hoo! Although they do include this chap

Who appeared in the bath on Monday morning.......he/she is about 6 inches from toe to toe so would have been a bit of a bath hog if we'd had to share a bath!

Video of the latest test for the wax fountain is now ready for you to see

I've removed the audio track to protect the innocent.....and save you from Dave's ramblings....he didn't realise that I was recording video and thought it was just still images so was rattling on about all and sundry.

As for the holiday Monday, all went pretty smoothly. The recipes were cooked and served as planned, we sweated in the unseasonal heat and we all talked for Britain to absolutely everyone....especially at the dinner table.
When we serve the Meal, Marc M does a little talk about manners and etiquette as we are serving, then I chat about what the dishes are and both of us finish by pointing out that it's not rude to interrupt us whilst we are all eating, that's what we're there explain things, only this time the crowd took us at our word and asked us dozens of questions which was a great change from normal when usually it becomes as quiet as the grave when we sit down to eat!

The coming weekend sees us back to more experimentation with recipes......primarily ones that we've not done before at all which should be fun. I was about to tell you what we plan to do, but as I look around I see that I've left the folder at work that contains all those little details, so you'll have to wait and see. All I can remember is that i wish to try to cook Vyaund Leche, a recipe that occurs 4 times in our book each time slightly different. I would like to see if we can see any culinary reason for the variations or whether it's more likely to be an error in the original writers transcription when writing the recipes down.

Either way, Robert is primed to take weights, measures and more and video over the weekend, so hopefully you'll have plenty to see when the weekend is done.

What's Next?
After this weekend, more planning for the October cookery, more recipe transcription for next year and next weekend is the Oxford Food Symposium which we shall be attending, well 2 of us plenty to be going on with.

Don't forget to vote in my survey if you to you all over the weekend!


Gorge said...

Dave is more surreal than Monty Python on mushrooms, but very good at wax.

I enjoyed the last weekend, learned about roasting beef, more to it that merely spinning it in front of the fire. The single most important thing to know when spit roasting is to have some watery cider close at hand, essential.

Eagerly awaiting what the weekend holds for me, oh waiot, more spit roasting, hooray!!

Not to mention gilding ginger cake apparently.

Tudor Cook said...

'Eagerly awaiting what the weekend holds for me, oh waiot, more spit roasting, hooray!!'

Guess again sunshine!!