Sunday, 29 August 2010

Hang On......'ve actually managed to make less that they did last time when you two weren't here!! Was the comment from Howard the fire warder around 3 this afternon. Fair enough from what I've been told about the last event it would seem that his observation was correct.....we managed to make virtually no complete dish today.....but boy did we talk!

Perhaps tomorrow we might manage a little more? Certainly planning discussions in the pub would lead us to say that we have the ideas, the willing, the equipment and the ingredients to do so, but no promises I'm afraid.

Tune in tomorrow to find out more.

BTW a big thanks to all the guys for making/letting Marc H and I take it easy today...if we were to be 100% honest then we probably shouldn't be back at work this weekend because neither of us is truly up to the physical work..the talking isn't a problem, just all the other stuff which we're having to call upon all the rest to do for us....picking, carrying, fetching and so on, so thanks to the guys for helping us to get back to work.....and thanks to those regular visitors who expressed their concern too....honestly, we will take it easy tomorrow and Monday....promise.

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