Friday, 6 August 2010

And They're Off....

...well at least I can only assume that the rest of the guys are all set ready for this weekend of cookery as I'm sat here at home convalescing after the recent trip to hospital. It certainly feels more than a little odd being here knowing that I 'should' be at work, still the guys have the list of work that I had already planned and the ingredients to cook those dishes and I'm sure that they'll do more than OK without me there to nag them....and in all reality I'm not up to a full day of work stood in the kitchen at the moment...although some might say, no change from usual then.

I'm not expecting to hear from the kitchens this weekend (unless it goes monumentally wrong) so I won't be updating you on the progress, but I will aim to post tomorrow with the previously promised info' on the last weekend of cooking along with some stuff about what was planned for the next couple of days of cooking...but in all honesty I can't guarantee that what was planned is what will be actually cooked as the actual work load is up to the guys at the coal face so to speak.


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