Saturday, 7 August 2010

Chinese Whispers, a second hand report on the action in the kitchens today, thanks to a brief phone call from Robin earlier this evening.
The plan for the weekend was to talk about cooking 'history food' at home today using a charcoal barbecue, because after all that's really what our charcoal stoves are...the idea being to give people a nudge this summer to try something that isn't just burgers, chops and kebabs....I despair at the lack of imagination we Brits have as a nation when it comes to using a charcoal grill to cook with. I'd sorted out a menu of dishes that can readily be cooked on a grill at home and when combined would make for a rather interesting summer party meal...especially when compared to the usual fare that ends up being cooked outside these days!!

Well obviously with me not being there as well as one other omission from the planned ranks due to illness that leaves the guys a little short handed compared to when the plans were put in place, so the last instructions were simple...use up the ingredients that can't be frozen easily and cook whatever makes your lives simple whilst staying within the remit of the theme.

So how has the day gone....quite well it seems, not that it should be a surprise in any way as the guys are perfectly capable of working without me being there. Apparently it wasn't too busy and they've all been chatting away nicely and keeping themselves occupied cooking some of the dishes that were planned...can't really ask for much more can you. They've also had a German magazine team round chatting to them and they'll be back tomorrow to take pictures, all part of a large article on the kitchens and the gardens I'm lead to believe...could be interesting and may well bump visitor figures along towards the start of Autumn, but who knows with these things.
I've been promised another phone call tomorrow at the end of the day for a final debrief which should help to confirm in my mind that we'll repeat this theme at the end of the month over the holiday weekend...unless something drastic happens between now and the end of next week when plans have to be in to fit around annual holidays within the department.

I'll post again tomorrow I think with stuff about the last weekend as I'm starting to drift off to sleep now!


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Elise Fleming said...

First, glad to hear that your health is improving! Second, how about posting the list of recipes that you thought would make for a good "grill meal"? My curiosity is piqued and there are still a few summer days where we could experiment as well!