Friday, 20 August 2010


is what I've been....recovering from the stay in hospital, which has taken longer than I thought (still not up to full strength, it's amazing how much three little holes in your abdomen can set you back!), by a couple of side projects, but mostly with work.
With it being the summer holidays, people in the department are off on their jaunts which means that a lot more pre planning has to be done a lot earlier than usual.....the upshot being that the next three weekends are now planned and the shopping lists are in and approved, so fingers crossed I can now get back to the research, the side projects and of course the blog, which I am more than aware of having neglected again of late.

First things first..the side projects. At the moment they'll have to be a secret, one is strictly work related but both will I hope involve all of you in the near of them early next week if plans continue as they are at the moment.

Second, a heads up on the next weekend, the August bank holiday weekend... because I missed the last weekend, because it worked so well, because it is still barbecue season here and most importantly, because I had always planned it to be this way...we shall once again be looking at the recipes that I think would work well cooked on a grill/barbecue; in fact it will be the same recipes that I planned for the last event but as the guys were so short handed they didn't manage to cook.
On top of the cookery there will be another joust event happening in the East Front Gardens....Tudor period again unlike the one earlier this year...two competitions a day at 12.00 and 4.00, and remember that they are competitive, no pre staged black knight, Hollywood style hokum (no offence to our readers from the West Coast!). Plans are also in place for Jorge to be outside, talking about painting and the making of temporary items used at a joust...and Dave will be there too running the mini knights game...come along and join the combat before watching the 'real' thing!

Thirdly and in answer to Elise's question....what dishes are planned?

For the moment you'll just have to make do with the names and recipes will have to follow later on the list for talking about/cooking are...

Cormarye, Pompys, Samon rostyd in sauce, Sauce for peions, Wardons in syryp, Sauge, Aquapatys, Milk rostys, Alloes of beef, Chese tarts, Stekys of venson or bef, Browne fryes and Wardens in past.

To be honest I've no idea how many we'll get through, but that's the planned list that we have ingredients well as enough stuff to do a couple of other sauces and some of the dishes more than once.

Now I'll have to sign off as I'm starting to lose the plot..I'm writing this whilst working on one of the side projects too and now I'm getting a teeny bit confused with where I am with much for multi tasking!!
Will have to go back and read all the last posts to find out what I said I'd tell you but haven't


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Mary-Cat said...

Good to see you back and busy Richard. Lots of info to digest (forgive the pun)- and looking forward to hearing about the side projects and the "audience participation" too.
Best of luck with next week's presentation, and please try and get some time to put your feet up and're still not 100% yet. It takes time.
All the best to you and the chaps,