Wednesday, 1 September 2010

All Change......Again!!

Right, all change time again.....I've thought long and hard and decided to stump up the moola for some paid for web space that will allow the forum a permanent home as well as some other new things I'm thinking of adding/changing in the near future.
The button on the right now takes you to the new address, but for your records the forum now resides at

If you get lost or confused then just remember is the portal to all things associated with this 'ere blog and all.
'proper' post tomorrow about the two weekends, last and next, but time to go and finish sorting out the new web home! 


Anonymous said...

Went through the registration for the Forum today but never rec'd the appropriate enabling email.
So do I need to register yet again or wait or what? Or who do I contact?


Tudor Cook said...

have now activated your account...looks like it was a problem with the host being 'down' of the reasons that I've changed host so soon!!

Apologies for the delay and welcome on board