Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Forum Back In The Land Of The Living!!

As of 03.58 GMT+1 7th Sept the forum is back online.....and yes I feel a plank!

There is a post there that asks, but I'll add it here too, please let me know if you find things missing or broken...I think I've repaired my stupidity, but need you all to check for me too.

For those who have yet to join, now is an excellent time to think about it...so pop over, read the welcome board information and say hello! If you're at all worried, we don't bite and if Robert can overcome his worry about joining then anyone can do it ;o)



Anonymous said...

Please tell me you weren't actually working at 3am and that's a computer typo on the blog?

Tudor Cook said...


"I wasn't fixing the forum at 3 am, its a typo"

There, does the lie make it better now ;o)

Anonymous said...

Don't you all know by now that Tudor cook is a vampire,he only comes alive after dark !!!... from his number 1 fan

Elise Fleming said...

And you, Number 1 Fan, are a morning person, right? If so, why is it that our children are night owls when we mothers are morning folk? (I've got at least one 40+ year-old who is up at 2 a.m. and sleeps until noon while I'm up at 5 a.m.)