Monday, 13 September 2010

The Gallery......

A new addition to the 'empire' is now to be found at gallery!

Most of the blurb about it is written in the members area over at the forum, but for those of you who are reluctant to join in over at the forums (19 members, 106 useful and interesting topics containing 409 scintilating posts ;o) ), I'll repeat the info' here as well.....

"As part of the new hosting thing, I'm trying to start to tie everything that I've stuck onto the internet together under the same web

As part of that, there is now a Cooking The Books gallery at where all of the previous images posted are now to be found....there is also a button at the top left of the forum page that links there too and a reciprocal link at the gallery to return to the forum.

For the moment, future posting of event images will still go to Flickr as well, if nothing else for the larger number of viewers, but the new gallery will be the main focus for image storage in the future.

Linking the two areas (forum and gallery) together was a little more that I could manage for now, so currently they use separate logins and usernames, feel free to use new details or choose to use the same username as here...for security I would always recommend a different password for different sites, but your mileage may vary

Non registered visitors are limited to the viewing thumbnail and intermediate sized images, registered users can also see the full size image as well as make comments and rate images if they would like.

Members of the gallery can use the links generated for each picture to easily post images from the gallery in threads here at the forum.

For the moment that's pretty much it....apart from saying, pop over and have a look, see what all the various options do (most are available via the 'sidebar' which pops out when you select that option in the top left or there is also an icon on the right too).

Any questions, then fire away."

That pretty much covers it, so go and have a look and see what you think.



terrylove said...

This place is even quieter than usual, everyone is playing in the Forums it seems...

A couple of questions relating to the next cooking weekend, (2-3 Oct 2010).

1) How is the recovery coming along of both the invalids? It's very worrying watching 2 blokes try and do stuff when the cookware is heavier than they are supposed to lift.

2) Is the plan for the weekend solid and can you say anything about it?

I ask because the last couple of visits I was trying to cover everything with my camera and I think I actually, as a result, failed to do anything justice.

If I had an idea of what was being tried out I could either a) concentrate on that more, or b) if it was boring sounding say sod it and spend time on something else... Option b) is likely to be a long shot, last resort but it is possible.

If not and you want to keep it a surprise, fine, I'll just pick something on the day.

Tudor Cook said...

"This place is even quieter than usual, everyone is playing in the Forums it seems..."

nah...about the same traffic as for using the forums...good! That was the whole idea ;0)

In answer to the questions:

1) From my point of view...much much much better now. A trip to the doc's to reassure myself and a couple of weeks with no real exertion (physically at least) has help no end..hardly any pain now other than where the nerves were damaged and are repairing themselves...and overall feeling tons better...I'll leave it for himself to comment on his recovery.

2) Plan is solid, will post details after a final double check meeting at the end of this week that should ensure that I haven't missed anything.

For now, all I can say is you won't have seen anything like this before and probably won't again...but don't get too excited, it's not that interesting ;o)

terrylove said...

"For now, all I can say is you won't have seen anything like this before and probably won't again...but don't get too excited, it's not that interesting ;o)"

Oh, so no song and dance numbers on the big table, or whole pig roasting on the spit then?

I await word with (bated or baited?) breath

terrylove said...

Oh yes, glad you're feeling a lot better, I was beginning to think that you'd end up having to do an Ironside's, shouting at people from a wheelchair.

Tudor Cook said...

I think I prefer the suggestion of Marc and I sitting in a raised box heckling, Statler and Waldorf style as opposed to Ironside ;o)

terrylove said...

Statler and Waldorf would be good, the problem would be where would the box be? The platform in the 1st room, (the Barry Laboratory) doesn't have a full view of the whole of the main room, and besides, you might disturb the rare spiders and have some wildlife organisation after you.

Rebecca said...

Rather like when you're in the modern kitchen, perched on the flour barrels? ;o)