Friday, 3 September 2010

I'm Liking This Forum Business...

as, although things could be described as slow in terms of people joining in, it is allowing members to chat amongst themselves and for information, pictures and the like of the cookery events to appear without me having to get my proverbial finger out and write something!

Again I have to stress that the forum idea isn't meant to replace the blog posts, but to add to the whole shebang and although I'm concentrating a lot on setting it all up correctly at the moment, the aim is that it ticks over in the future without needing a vast amount of maintenance from me....apart from posting there of course. As well as all of that, the other side project has been taking up valuable time this week...seemingly 2 steps forward 3 steps back...but I'm pretty sure that progress will be made very soon....some more additions to the whole and a spate of testing before I can reveal all, but hopefully it'll all be worth it....still, more of that another time!!

Last weekend went pretty well, yes Marc H and I overdid things....damn this recovery is taking a lot longer than I had thought it would...but all in all we held our own, taking shifts sitting down in the office or in the kitchen and doing as much talking as we could but as little lifting and walking around....I have to say that if it wasn't for the rest of the guys pulling our weight in regards to fetching, carrying, lifting and most importantly...washing up, then the weekend would have been a bit rubbish for our visitors, but as it was...success all round, not vast numbers inside...well there was the jousting to see...but those that did come chatted and in the main got the idea of the event's theme...if nothing else they went away with a few recipes or ideas to try which is all we could have asked for I think. As for the guys outside....suffice to say that the mini knights came back in on the last day virtually in kit-form as did Dave and Robert mentally speaking. Jorge managed to entertain in his bijou (it seems) tent, with several groups staying for ages, chatting about painting and what not...and occasionally working as the "lovely Anthea", keeping the scores for the jousting.

This coming weekend sees a return to the tried and tested recipes of old so that we can look at the physical side of the cooking...not so much the techniques, but the workload...fetching, carrying, lifting etc. Not prompted by our poor invalid routines I have to say, but for another research reason which for now I am not at liberty to pass on I'm afraid...but hopefully in the near future all can be revealed...for now, you'll have to make do with the reports from the coal face over the weekend and any images that we manage to capture.

Off to bed now ready for action tomorrow.


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