Wednesday, 13 February 2008

Still More Stills!

Another small load of 8 pictures is now up at the Flickr site for your viewing pleasure........this batch includes this one

Which although the subject matter is nothing special, has got a certain something about it.........curse you and your photographic skills Robert!!

Not a lot has been going on work wise at the moment, planning for the next weekend continues to evolve, as does the work towards the Easter event; however most of the last couple of days has been devoted to more research time and transcription of some of the texts I'm currently working on.
To give you an idea of what sort of things that entails, it means taking images like this:

and trying to make some sense out of the mass of poorly scanned and digitized microfilm, then typing it up into a legible form to work from later on!?!?! (In this case it's a list of the first course of a meal) Some of the text is easily readable, some needs a bit of 'getting your eye in' before the words can be decyphered.....and some, well let's just say some of it isn't going to be that easy!
I know that a proportion of this transcription has been done before and I know exactly where to find that work, but it never hurts to have a fresh (well fresh-ish!) pair of eyes look over this sort of stuff does it (or at least that's what I keep telling myself as I carry on peering at the mass of black on the screen)

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