Thursday, 7 February 2008

And There's More!

7 more from Roberts pictures just put up onto Flickr, not many I know, but it does allow me to have a regular reason for posting so small batches is good for me.

The chocolate talk is all sorted now and ready to roll tomorrow evening, not sure how it's a bit too long, but I am loathed to reduce it any more as that would really make it difficult to tell the whole story. That's the trouble with a fascinating subject like chocolate, there's just too much good stuff to leave anything out!

More meetings tomorrow to finalize the coming year as well, so fingers crossed it should all be sorted by the end of the day and we can crack on with getting this years events planned. I really want to plan ahead this year to try to get rid of some of the 'so now what' feel of some of this years weekends. We had some good ideas come up over the weekend and if we can put those into place it should give us a good foundation to work from. That, combined with the research I'm still working on and we should have a bumper year in the lead up to the 2009 anniversary celebrations......that too proves to be a jam packed year with some really good events planned, so all in all it looks like the next couple of years could be a great time for us at Hampton Court and hopefully I'll be able to fill you all in as we work through these forthcoming years.

More pictures later in the week as well as more news about the coming year (subject to tomorrows meetings of course!)

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