Friday, 1 February 2008

Back To The Old Routine!

Well I type this sitting next to a packed overnight bag......again! I'm glad we had January off so to speak as it's now back to the old routine again....... for quite a while as well, living out of a bag for what seems like more than just once a month...........ah but we love it really!

Got to get to work pretty sharpish tomorrow as not only do I hav a class of teenagers to teach first thing, but there's an awful lot to get out of the freezer so that we're not trying to cook blocks of ice on Saturday........not only is it difficult to cut up or fit ito some of the pots but it really screws up any temperature recordings we try to take. The only problem will be in actually trying to release the various bags and containers from their icy tomb as we did a pretty good job of filling the freezer up at Christmas and it's all frozen together in one great big interlocking pile of freezer bags, still at least that'll give me something to be getting on with for the rest of the morning.
I've also got to re check all of my calculations so that plans can be started on the cookery for the new financial year......lots of ideas are floating around, they just need some work to knock off the rough edges and get them sorted nice and early.......I'd like to be doing a lot less 'seat of the pants' planning this year than the one just gone, but we'll just have to wait and see I think.

I believe that Robert is all primed for the weekend so photographs a plenty I hope......which reminds me I must put my battery on charge, don't want a repeat of Christmas again!

Same old same old for the blog over the weekend........certainly text and hopefully pictures and who knows, maybe some video as well.........but if technology fails us, images will appear next week, all things willing.

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