Sunday, 2 September 2007

Wakey Wakey

So another day of experimentation dawns here at Hampton Court, what delights does it hold?

To be honest, i can't remember! I do know that i'd planned 'vyaund lech' 4 times for today, but the rest is, as i write, somewhat of a mystery. Yesterday Robert had some success with Marc and the crustade, so hopefully today we'll get a load of pictures taken.

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Helen said...

Well, today was excellent. Although we got there later than normal, there were Marc H and Jorge hard at work with pouring sugar - moulding Tudor roses and "pulling" (sugar that is!) A couple of "misses", but then they came good.

The disc of poured sugar containing the gold leaf flecks looked spectacular.

They pulled successfully before we left just after 5pm but Marc had decided to do another batch, which we didn't get to see.

Jorge was brilliant with the kids and his majic tricks, changing red liquid to purple; he had them enthralled (+ the adults as well, I hasten to add!)

Talk about rabbit. I reckon he and Dave are in competition with each other as to who can talk the most, but they are both fascinating in what they say. (I wish I was as knowledgeable).

Richard's Appraylere produced a stunning result. Basically (and forgive me if I get this all wrong Richard)finely minced cooked pork, cheese, breadcrumb, egg, spices pounded all together and stuffed into a pitcher. This was then placed in a pan of boiling water and poached for what seemed an eternity. Then the pitcher was smashed to release the pitcher-shaped (amongst other comments) "meatball". But it didn't rest there - this "meatball" was then put on a spit, roasted awhile, then batter drizzled over whilst the spit continued to be turned.

We didn't see the final end product, but it was certainly already looking wonderful when we left.

Rather a lot of photos taken by us all (the one we missed was Robin, Richard and Robert all taking photos of the smashing of the pitcher!)

What did it taste like, by the way? Can't wait to hear.

Guys - thank you again for ALL your efforts. As ever, you were on the go the whole time.

See you all next month!