Saturday, 15 September 2007

Edited To Protect The Guilty!!

Having had a chat with Jorge this evening he asked me to edit the video in the post 'Busy Busy Busy' to remove the sound!?!
Well it did rather make him sound a bit of a plank, so the 50 people that saw it before it was deleted are privy to all of his wittering.....the rest of you get the sweet merciful silence that is there now (but still with the same footage as before though)

Not much else to report at the moment, I'm waiting for a reply from Chris the boss before I can plan the work load for the October weekend then as soon as that's sorted I can let you know. The coming week is quite full with meetings, some education sessions for schools along with some other stuff that I'll tell you about nearer the time.


gorger said...

I cringed every time I watched it, it was pathetic.

But no thanks to Snitch, for having to explain it, why couldn't you just lie and say it was a pc thing.???

Tudor Cook said...

Lie!!!! Lie, moi? You should know by now Gorger that I only lie to you, not the nice people that read the blog :-)

Helen said...

You really should have left the sound on. It was very entertaining; it's lost a lot with no sound.

Still, if Jorge thought he sounded like a wimp .......

And there I was in an earlier post, on your side Jorge, sticking up for you. The only reason Marc H didn't moan was because he was messing with a far smaller piece of sugar than you!!

Oh well, you'll get your own back - on Mr F, Mr H and probably me too!!


Anonymous said...

It wasn't smaller, I've just got bigger hands. =op

Marc H

Helen said...

I still maintain his was bigger. But maybe it's time for some comparisons Mr H (of hands!)


Tudor Cook said...

easy tiger!!