Thursday, 13 September 2007

So We've Found The Level Then Eh?

After just over 100 posts here at Blogger it appears that I've finally found the level at which most of you reside.....and it's almost as low as the boys in the kitchen

I show you pretty pictures, give you loads of information but what causes the most stir?..................some pictures of a meatball that happens to be shaped like a ..........urm......well you know.....a.....yes it was shaped like that!!! (got to keep it clean for the family crowd!)

Yep, it's true, visitor statistics don't lie and the bulge in the otherwise flaccid numbers surged up to 142 smutty visitors on Tuesday.........and don't tell me you were only reading the blog for the articles.......the statistics don't lie Looking at some of the other blogs and postings that brought you here, it was purely to see our throbbing 6 inches of hot meatball.....and who can blame you, it was pretty spectacular wasn't it, just a shame that they don't always turn out so well eh?

Talking to Robin the other day it turns out that he has some video footage of the moment the meat made its appearance out of the pottery prophylactic.....apparently it's worth a watch. Unfortunately it's too big (the video!) to email to me so I'll have to wait until next week to get my hands on it when I can the show it proudly to you all.

Until then, normal service will be resumed......along with a much lower innuendo quotient!!

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Helen said...

Smutty minds indeed! You're so right! It was the "unveiling", with you on your knees that started us all off.

And now for something completely different. Can we go back to wafers. As we weren't there to watch you do these, I've no idea of the ingredients. The only recipe I can find in your book is Waffyrs. But I'm kind of put off by "take the stomach of a pike and seethe it well" Surely not? You must have another recipe tucked up your sleeve. So I guess it's help please!