Tuesday, 4 September 2007

Ok......So I Was Wrong....

....when I guessed at what we were going to do on Sunday, but not massively so as I had originally planned to work on Vyaund Leche....I just changed my mind when I got into the kitchen, that's all!

I ended up working on Appraylere, of which I shall post more later on this week (oh the suspense eh!) and Robin had a go at one of the vyaund leche recipes although not with much success I have to say

Vyaund leche.

¶Take cowe Mylke, & set it ouer þe fyre, & þrow þer-on Saunderys, & make a styf poshotte of Ale; þan hang þe croddys þer-of in a pynne, in a fayre cloþe, and lat it ouer-renne; þan take it & put hony þer-to, melle it y-fere; þen feche þe croddys of þe deye, & melle hem to-gederys, & lay it on a chesefatte or it be torne, .iij. fold or iiij. fold, in lynen cloþe, leche it; & þanne serue it forth.

.......not because of anything he did, more the fact that milk today is separated from cream in a different manner to the Tudors. Today, our milk and cream are separated centrifugally, in the past good old gravity did the job....so what you say...well, our milk today has less fat in it than in the past and our cream more fat. This meant that when Robin came to curdle the milk to make a possett..make a styf poshotte of Ale; þan hang þe croddys þer-of in a pynne all he got was a few measly lumps floating in a lot of milk/whey.......my fault really as I should have ordered cream to mix with the milk to up the fat levels........still, there's always next time.

I've popped some images of the weekend up on the Flickr account, there's still more to come over the next few days and I know that Robert took a load as well so expect to see those some time soon. I believe that he and Marc had a deal of success with their crustade experiments, but I'll leave that for Robert to tell you about....and to be honest i can't say i was paying all that much attention to what they were doing, just the end products.

Sunday also saw Jorge and Marc H playing with sugar in a bit of a continuation of the work that Jorge and i were doing a few weekends ago....playing with colour and temperature to build up a skill level in working with sugar in order to be able to make some fancy sugar sculpture in the future. I've got some food pictures of them at work for later in the week, but for now here is Jorge trying not to burn himself with the first of the days efforts

I've removed the sound again, not just to protect the innocent but to spare you the discussion of who had a hit with the song 'Reet Petite'!?!

All in all it was a fairly steady weekend visitor wise, not too busy which enabled us to get some good work done, but busy enough, with people who wanted to ask some really good and taxing questions again.

I'll leave you with my favourite pictures from the weekend so far

Which sees Jorge desperate for food as apparently we don't feed him!! Whilst Dave shows off by doing his best Harry Potter impression.

Nighty night!

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