Thursday, 27 September 2007


Is the spice of life so they say or in the case of the up coming cookery, it's the basis of some of the work that I've planned for us to do.
Based on the question from Helen in her comment on the 'What A Nice Man' post, I thought that it might be an idea for us to have a go with some different apple and pear recipes and try some of the different varieties of these fruits that are commonly available in the shops here in the UK. This way, when someone wants to have a go at home and asks 'what variety should I use?' then we can give you a better idea.

This also plays into what Chris would like us to do, which is to try and work on 'harvest time' recipes.......although that's easier said than done using the recipes that we have available at the moment and the notice that I was given about it! Still we'll do our best as always.

I've also planned the rest of the weekend, as with recent events there's no real coherent menu to speak of, just a selection of recipes for us to try out to look at different aspects that we may not have paid as much attention to in the past or that might prove interesting for our visitors to watch.

October will see the last cookery weekend before the clocks change and Hampton Court moves to it's winter opening hours..........and we start to get used to cooking in darkness!! Hopefully the weather will be good over the weekend and we'll get some more photographs for you to see. I expect that as we move into the winter weekends that the opportunities for good photographs will diminish like the natural light that we use to illuminate our pictures.......fingers crossed that I'll be proved wrong though.

Over this next cookery weekend, I intend to plan what we'll be doing for the November and December weekends so that I've got more time to get on with both the research for next year and the other stuff that I'm supposed to be doing for work. November......I'm not too sure about, but December will see us gearing up for the Christmas cookery. The intention is to spend those two days preparing stuff such as blanching and grinding almonds, preparing sausages for the dinners and so on which should mean more time over the Christmas week to concentrate on the days food. If other plans come to fruition we should also have a couple of deer carcasses to process that weekend which we'll then cook over the Christmas event.........when I say 'we' I actually mean Pick should have a couple of carcasses to prepare! much for not doing small talk eh!!


Helen said...

Botheration; we're not able to make the October weekend, so I'm going to miss out on all the apple and pear dishes.

Please would you post all the different varieties you use with the different recipes.

We're finding that apples are tasting different this year; coxes in particular - they are much more tarte. Reckon its all down to the weather we've been having.

Looking forward to all your comments - not just written. Please leave sound on videos; makes them more interesting. (Jorge - you'll have to learn to restrain yourself!)


Tudor Cook said...

according to the chap that represents the UK apple growers who was on Radio 2 last week, it's been the ideal weather this year for top quality English apples!

I'll post all the nitty gritty after the weekend just in case the deliveries all go a bit pear shaped!

Pear shaped.....geddit......meh! I'm wasted on you all!!! ;-)

Gorge said...

Ah Helen, you wouldn't have liked the pear and apple things anyway, bound to be dodgy, all that historical food and all.

As for restraint, I hadn't realised the Kitchen Team's answer to john Pilger was filming me, next time I see that camera I shall clam up.

Tudor Cook said...

Restraint.....she really doesn't know you at all well does she? ;-)

Helen said...

I'm learning very quickly - as is the Newby!