Wednesday, 16 January 2008

You The Jury.

OK then, time to try and elicit some response from the audience!

If you could choose an adult education programme to come to at Hampton Court, what would be your subject of choice? What do you want to know?

This is a partially hypothetical exercise, so no limitations on how wacky or far out the ideas can be......except NO practical cookery courses as that's an assumed 'given' in the pantheon of wished for courses already!

Half day, full day, evening lectures, a combination of all or any, linked thematic series of talks, hands on sessions, practical, pure theory.....whatever you could possibly think of on any topic linked to Hampton Court, so art, history, clothes and costume, conservation, etc. etc. etc.

A couple of ideas to get you started:
Researching do you go about finding historic recipes to try? How do you read them? How can you source the ingredients?

Historic photography techniques.....lots of pictures have been taken of Hampton Court over time, how do the processes differ? What can we learn from these methods? Could we try to replicate them?

either of those could have a practical element to them or simply be lectures and discussions. That's the sort of thing I'm after.

Any and all comments welcome if you'd be so kind, no promises that any ideas could be turned into reality, but you never know!


Doc said...

Ooh, the possibilities...

I think an all-day symposium sort of thing, with sessions on pies, menus, manuscript interpretation, humoral theory (and how it actually was or wasn't applied), modern vs. period raw ingredients, etc.

Of course the real trick would be in me getting there.

Elise Fleming said...

I asked some American friends what they'd like to see. They responded:
I'd love to see some Festival dishes, perhaps ones that were done
for special events like Coronations, etc. It might also be interesting to see the service of a meal. I've read descriptions about who ate where at Hampton Court, but there's not so much about how the actual service was done...I'd love to see something like that.

The subject that would fascinate me would be who did what, when and where in the kitchen and what the pecking order was. For example who decided to serve chicken, who killed, cleaned, seasoned and cooked that chicken and who took
it to the table. I doubt it was all done by the same person but I didn't know how duties were divided.

Helen said...

How about an insight into your clothing? Types of cloth and dyes used at the time and how you source the cloth nowadays and reproduce the dyes of past times.

Another thought is the sourcing of your cooking pots, serving dishes/cutlery etc. From what and how were they made in days gone by and how you are able to get them replicated today.


Anonymous said...

To make a Great Pie that requires four servants to carry in.

Seeing how a Tudor cook would handle a shipment of unknown, like New World foods could be fun.

A weekend spent making Illusion foods.

Anonymous said...

Further to Elise' comments,what happened before the produce arrived at the palace?Who was in charge of deciding the menus,did the king have any input,what were his favourite meals?who was in charge of ordering the goods and making the payments,how difficult would sourcing the produce have been in comparison to today?
no.1 fan

AJP said...

Or how the ordering (of foods) itself was conducted and to echo another comment, what about who deciding what was going to be served.
and beyond the cooking and the service... the proper conduct of eating.