Tuesday, 22 January 2008

No News Is......

No News! That's why I've not posted recently as there's been nothing to tell!

Well the February weekend is all 'in the bag' so to speak, at least from my end anyway.....recipes to cook have been planned and the shopping list worked out and submitted. Just as I'd thought, we'll be using up food that we have in stock/store/left over so the shopping list is down to a nice small sum with only really fresh stuff like milk and eggs being needed on top of the stuff we have already.

Over the weekend we intend to be looking at surviving recipes we use but applying them to ingredients that we already have and seeing if they still work as well. So for example, the recipe for Fylettys en Galentyne.

¶Take fayre porke, þe fore quarter, an take of þe skyne; an put þe porke on a fayre spete, an rost it half y-now; þan take it of, an smyte it in fayre pecys, & caste it on a fayre potte; þan take oynonys, and schrede hem, an pele hem (an pyle hem nowt to smale), an frye in a panne of fayre grece; þan caste hem in þe potte to þe porke; þan take gode broth of moton or of beef, an caste þer-to, an þan caste þer-to pouder pepyr, canel, clowys, an macys, an let hem boyle wyl to-gederys; þan tak fayre brede, an vynegre, an stepe þe brede with þe same brothe, an strayne it on blode, with ale, or ellys sawnderys, and salt, an lat hym boyle y-now, an serue it forth.

calls for pork to be used, a pre roasted piece of which we have in the freezer. We also have some pre roasted beef as well and so shall cook this recipe twice to show that you don't always have to stick to the exact letter of the recipe if you don't have all of the ingredients to hand. It is by the way a cracking recipe and a great way now of using up leftover meat from a Sunday joint.
Other things planned are pies using up left over roast venison instead of raw along with some stew recipes that will make the most of some 'odds and ends' that I found in the bottom of the freezer when we took stock at the beginning of the month.

The chocolate talk is taking shape nicely, research is getting back on track and I'm looking through all of the suggestions and ideas for courses that you've sent so far.....do keep 'em coming!

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