Tuesday, 8 January 2008

Back To The Grind.

So it's back to the daily grind today having recovered from the Christmas excess and to mark the occasion 6 of Roberts pictures from the Christmas event have been popped onto the Flickr site for your viewing pleasure (or not as the case may be!), I quite like this one of the roasting fire:

There are a couple more to come that show the scale of the fire on the day that picture was taken.....towering inferno seems to be the best way of describing it as Warren the fire warder who built the fire that day seems to have gone for it big time!!

So it's the new year and what does that bring? February's weekend looms large, followed by March then the Easter cookery from Good Friday through to bank holiday Monday, all that needs doing now is to plan the menus and sort out the shopping lists......although we plan to use up as much of the food that we have in store as possible so that we start the new financial year with a clean slate so to speak in our storage area.

Hopefully we'll find out the state of play for the next year soon as well, then we can crack on with getting that planned.......I've certainly got some new stuff in store ready for the new year, we just need the 'go' to get started on all the work that is needed to get it all ready.

More pictures from Roberts Christmas collection soon.......

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