Wednesday, 9 January 2008

I Never Knew There Was So Much In It!

...Our freezer that is! I've been going through the contents trying to work out what we could use up for the following few weekends and it looks like we have quite a bit of spare meat in stock.....stuff like leftover cooked beef and venison, trimmed off bits of veal, a body weight of sausages and the like, so it looks like we could be keeping the costs right down for the next few weekends....which will be good.

Another 6 of Roberts pictures and 1 of mine have gone to Flickr including

I'm quite taken by the picture of Robin.....him nice and still with the blur all around him. The other one shows just how hot the stoves can get, 933 degrees centigrade......which is pretty damn hot in antibody's language. Hopefully I'll have all of the data that Robert took over the various weekends last year shortly (hint, hint!) and when that's all compiled I'll be able to let you have a peek at some of the numbers that we got......temperatures, cooking times, weights before and after cooking and so on. Hopefully we'll be continuing with the record keeping over the following year as well, the aim being to more carefully record what it is that we never know, we may even end up with some redacted recipes for those of you who don't want to work them out for yourselves.

More work on the menus for Feb' and March tomorrow and possibly some more pictures for you all to see.....but no promises!

One final thing, there have been a few 'comments' made on some of the earlier posts, thank you for the interaction.........just to let you know that I have answered all the comments to date and the replies are in the threads/posts that the comments were made in, so if you were expecting a reply then that's where to look.



Helen said...

Redacted recipes? No, you should make us work for a living! When I first started cooking your recipes I always thought it would be a bonus to have quantities and timings. But, as you've always said, it's your (or my) interpretation of how a dish is cooked and the quantities that go in it.

I know I sometimes jot down how many of this and how much of that you use, but it is enjoyable working it out myself from scratch. AND, the more you do, the more familiar you become with recipes and processes and it is easier to decide on how much of an ingredient.

And if it doesn't work out, then there's always next time.

Did Conyng, Mawlard in gely or in cyuey last night (with lamb - can't eat rabbit and didn't have any mallard [need to go to Dales]). Used the same quantities as I did before but the amount of vinegar I used was a bit too much (and I'd not noted that down before - used chicken then). Gives me an excuse to try it again. The lamb (saltmarsh) was very tasty though, and my ryse of Genoa worked out really well.

See you Feb weekend


Elise Fleming said...

Yes to recipe "interpretations! I'm not as adventurous as Helen and only cook for one. I hate to waste ingredients.

Also, what's the status of the wax fountain? Was it ever completed? Displayed?

Tudor Cook said...

Well as i say, no promises.....but you never know what the future will bring :-)

As for the fountain, well they're still beavering away at it......hopefully I'll have some news about it after the next weekend and possibly some pictures as well.

Helen said...

Hi Elise

I'm only cooking for two and will use leftover roast meat, eg with Egrydounce, it says to take pork or beef, slice it thin, then broil it brown a little, then mince it. I just use cold roast pork,lamb, mutton or beef. And Fyletts in Galentyne talks about pork on a spit and roasted half enough. Works beautifully with cold roast pork, lamb, mutton.

For chicken dishes, I don't tend to use a whole chicken; i'll just use a couple of breasts, which means there's no waste at all.

Like you, I hate wasting anything.

If there are redactions, try working with the two recipes side by side. I have no doubts that any redactions these guys come up with will be very close to the original. I've found some redactions on the web that didn't bear any resemblence to the old recipe, eg instead of just egg yolks, the redaction would tell you to use whole eggs (that's just a minor deviation though).

I hope you're enjoying all your cooking though.

The wax fountain was looking good on New Year's Eve. Not finished yet but Dave and Adrian will persevere to the bitter end and it WILL get completed and will flow with liquid (I'm loathe to say wine, because they'll all be fighting to get their glasses in to catch the flow!!!)

Hope you are able to get to the Palace at some point this year to see them in action!


Elise Fleming said...

Thanks, Helen, for the comments. I tend to like to use someone else's recipe interpretation first (after careful comparison with the original!) and then I feel confident enough to modify the recipe, still in keeping with the original.

I hope the wax fountain will be bubbling during Easter since I plan to fly across the "pond" specifically to stand in the kitchen for several days!