Monday, 14 January 2008

It's Back...No It's Not....Yes It Is..!?!?

Well after a couple of days with Flickr working, then not, then working, then not, here we are on Monday and it all appears to be fixed!
So without further ado I've just sent 6 more of Roberts pictures there for all to see. They include this one

That gives you some idea of how big the fire was that Warren built......the last time he did that he was suffering from a teensy weensy hangover and the high strength pain killers he was taking to 'correct' the problem lead to a huge fire.......this time though there was no reason and a stonking fire was had by all! As it happened it gave Ross a fairly quiet day as the crowds of visitors that normally come and stand in front of the fire and ask him loads of questions were kept some 10-15ft away by the blazing heat.

There's also this one of Dave when there was too much salt in the egg at dinner.....

which goes once again to prove that you always get good value from him in pictures! I've also posted one that Robert won't thank me for, but it was too good an opportunity to miss I'm afraid, I think the moral to be learned is don't let your sister take pictures of you at work.......either that or try to look less enigmatic next time!

Apart from that I'm afraid it's very much a case of 'no news is good news' at the moment. I'm still plugging away sorting out the menus and so on for February, March and Easter......should be finished after I can take a look on the shelves to check some ingredients tomorrow; there's also the adult education lecture I'm preparing on the history of chocolate. (Click on the link to go to the HRP website for further details.) which is keeping me busy too.

Meetings tomorrow then a spot of tidying up the storage area in our office later in the week, followed by me getting back to the research is what I'm planning for the near future (after the shopping lists and talk are sorted). The research for the coming year has been sorely neglected of late with other work getting 'in the way' so it's about time that I attempted to knuckle down and get on with what I had planned to do this financial year in order to give us some new information to work with next year.

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