Saturday, 2 April 2011

What A Start.... the weekend!

Carter gets his pocket picked waiting for his train and has his wallet stolen with all his cards, cash and most importantly...return train ticket in!! Fortunately all cards managed to be cancelled pretty sharpish and he's talked Dave into giving him a lift most of the way home...just the tedious nature of getting a replacement card sorted now.

Ross on the other hand was half way to the Palace when he stopped for a rest and found that the frame on the motorbike had snapped!?!? So a tentative and slow limp back home in order to get the bike to a welder for fixing and to collect a hire car in order to re-start the journey.....not the most auspicious start to a weekend I think!

Still, on the up side, forum regular (and regular visitor) Terry L and fire warder Liam shared a birthday at the start of the week, so we're all planning on popping to the pub tonight for some belated celebratory drinks (though I think it's fair to assume that both the birthday boys in question have already celeb rated in suitable fashion already ;o) .....should make a nice change and a good end to the first of this seasons long summer hours based days.

Mobile phone signals are still atrocious in the digs at night, so I'm making full use of the office PC at this moment while I'm waiting for some printing to finish...can't promise any better communications later on, but who I said, Twitter is the most likely as it only needs a brief connection to send an update, but if things change then I may well add another blog update later on.

Anyway, time marches to change then onwards to de-bone the mutton!


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