Sunday, 24 April 2011

All Quiet On The West(ern) Front.

A much quieter day today than the jam packed one yesterday, still busy, just not as much as yesterday was.

Cooking wise, another positive day was had and with regards to the overall aim of the weekend great strides have been made already...Christmas here we come!

The wine fountain had been going great guns too, this year we seem to have acquired the responsibility to run the thing, though unlike last year the wine is free for visitors...subject to availability and licensing conditions...served between 4ish and 5 in the afternoon on days that we are cooking, all you need to do is ask for a token at the information centre then swap it for a glass of red or white towards the end of the afternoon...just check the details when you buy your ticket to avoid confusion or disappointment!

Tomorrow holds more of the same for us, though we think we'll be busy again which would be good as the busy days pass really quickly.

Time for an early night for a change now, TTFN

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